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The "Friends" Studio

Ballet Idaho has kicked off the new 2009-2010 season with the opening of the Academy and the Nutcracker Auditions. We are gearing up now for our first performance and setting the stage for the rest of the year! As I say all this, I can only think about how much help we need to carry out everything we want to do. With that being said I want to invite you to become a friend of Ballet Idaho. As a "friend" you play a crucial role in ensuring the continued vitality of Ballet Idaho by participating in fundraising events, dance advocacy and other activities that keep our non-profit going! There are small jobs and then there are definitely some larger production tasks that require a volunteer base that is insurmountable. Your commitment big or small means so much to us. So if you have something to offer, even if it's just one day, or a few hours. We have lots of different opportunities, check out the list below and give us a call! Family Series—Take tickets for our pre-performance of Swan Lake Idaho on September29th, 2009 Performances—Each year Ballet Idaho performs Ballet Idaho Boutique- Merchandise is sold at our performances, and we need volunteers to assist with sales. Dance Academy—Ballet Idaho's academy has a number of meetings, rehearsals, performances, etc. that occur throughout the year Nutcracker—During the Nutcracker auditions, rehearsals and performances, volunteers assist with registration, chaperoning and food. This is our largest production and requires the most volunteers for. It is lots of fun to be behind the scenes during such a huge event and see what it takes to pull it off. We need you help! Without you itwouldn't happen. Fundraising Events—Serve on an events committee, assist with auctions, work at the event, serve as a table captain, or assist with invitations and other mailings. These are always fun! Check our website for upcoming events.
    Well, I think that wraps it up for today. We would love to have you as a "Friend" of our Ballet and the Academy. For more information and to sign up for any of our events. Just give us a shout. We can never have too many volunteers. Thanks, Durea

    Swan Lake, Idaho!

    Swan Lake, Idaho! Who would have thunk it? Since I saw my first Swan Lake, oh, about 45 years ago, I have always found the scene with the Hunters, the beginning of Act II, to be unfinished. They appear in nearly every production of Swan Lake all over the world, but who are they? Are they just the Prince's friends or are they out hunting swans all the time? Are they freelancing or do they belong to a Rod and Gun Club? Finally, I arrived in Idaho and saw a golden opportunity to make sense of these characters. In most productions they just bumble in and out, puzzled and frightened by the beautiful swan maidens, shut down by the Prince from killing them (because he has fallen in love with the Swan Queen, and you don't want to hurt her feelings, do you?) So for Ballet Idaho I see a chance to validate the hunters by making them modern day camo-warriors. I salute the 21st century Idaho Hunter and unite him with the 19th century romantic Swans of Swan Lake. What a match! And in our production, they stand out not only for their bravery, but for their emotions. You see, in this version, the hunters ALL fall in love with Swans (why should the Prince have all the fun?) and, in fact, in a kind of reverse Stockholm Syndrome arrangement, the Hunters begin to take on characteristics of their former prey. They become swans! It's Eco-Friendly!

    Ballet Idaho 2009 Nutcracker Auditions

    Nutcracker Auditions without a hitch. Do you think this is a miracle? Well, it happened in Boise yesterday. We had nearly 100 children come to Ballet Idaho's Nutcracker audition and it was a splendid success. We found terrific talent, wonderful kids who eagerly took on the challenge of performing roles in our production. Everyone was so bright, friendly, fearless and enthusiastic. We had Mice so eager to scare us! We had Soldiers marching and running through their drills. We had beautiful and polite party children who expressed the warmth of a Christmas evening. We had delightful Bakers, eager to show us their leaps. And we had energetic Sailors and Serene Angels, all ready to make this year's Nutcracker better than ever. Nearly everyone was cast and we ended our auditions with a tremendous feeling of pride and happiness. Thanks to all the children and their wonderful parents, who spent a day with us at Ballet Idaho yesterday and went home happy. My favorite moment was overhearing a Mom in the parking lot, joyously and loudly telling a family member through her cell-phone: "SHE'S GONNA BE IN THE NUTCRACKER!!!"

    First Season Flutters

    As the company reunites I can spot a heightened sense of pride and togetherness. “First-Season-Flutters” have made room for healthy ambitions and self-responsibility together with a sense of self secure-ness, self-motivation and a drive to excel. Our three new principal dancers, Racheal and Zeb Nole and Jared Hunt complement Phyllis Rothwell Affrunti’s and Heather Hawk’s presence and provide a point of reference in standard and ethic for the rest of the company. After a “Footage” rehearsal Zeb comments: “Boy, you are working those guys hard!” and I reply: “Actually they work that hard themselves, I, in fact, have to slow them down, so they make it to the end of the day.” Take it easy! is something they hear a lot from me right now, especially in the first week after the long layoff. It’s important that dancers pace themselves to avoid “over-rehearsing” or injury. On the other hand, I love working with people who love working! Like anything, after a time of repose, the company has jelled and is enhanced by our newcomers, who seem to be made feel at home and integrate easily. I am excited for a great 2nd season, knowing that last year’s seeds have grown into a strong, young, dazzling and beautiful group of people who can make magic for their audience. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Artistic Director, Peter Anastos, staging the hunters in Swan Lake, Idaho! "]Artistic Director, Peter Anastos, staging the hunters in Swan Lake, Idaho! [/caption] [flickr-gallery mode="photoset" photoset="72157622371519444"]
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