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Ballet Idaho 2009 Nutcracker Auditions

Nutcracker Auditions without a hitch. Do you think this is a miracle? Well, it happened in Boise yesterday. We had nearly 100 children come to Ballet Idaho's Nutcracker audition and it was a splendid success. We found terrific talent, wonderful kids who eagerly took on the challenge of performing roles in our production. Everyone was so bright, friendly, fearless and enthusiastic. We had Mice so eager to scare us! We had Soldiers marching and running through their drills. We had beautiful and polite party children who expressed the warmth of a Christmas evening. We had delightful Bakers, eager to show us their leaps. And we had energetic Sailors and Serene Angels, all ready to make this year's Nutcracker better than ever. Nearly everyone was cast and we ended our auditions with a tremendous feeling of pride and happiness. Thanks to all the children and their wonderful parents, who spent a day with us at Ballet Idaho yesterday and went home happy. My favorite moment was overhearing a Mom in the parking lot, joyously and loudly telling a family member through her cell-phone: "SHE'S GONNA BE IN THE NUTCRACKER!!!"