Ballet News

The Reality of Professionalism

As children’s rehearsals for The Nutcracker progress, I would like to address the reality of working with a professional company, a reality that includes especially our younger cast members: There is no such thing as “meanness” and “embarrassment”. Once rehearsal starts there is only the work to be done as efficiently as possible. When there are multiple casts, at first it is possible that only one cast will be used to set the choreography, once the choreography is being rehearsed, all others will be brought up to speed. The priority is to set the production as fast as possible, in order to have sufficient time to make every single child on stage look like a million dollars. There is absolutely no reason to “feel bad” about not having danced in rehearsal at this point. This might well be the first “real life” experience and as parents you can help your child understand that once cast in a show, even if things change there is nothing wrong with them or with Ballet Idaho. It is a simple matter of process, which is the same all over the world. This is THE Nutcracker production in the state of Idaho. It is a privilege to be a cast member no matter how small the part. 10,000 people are expected to attend this year, this is a big deal and therefore also an obligation to deal with the reality of professionalism.