Ballet News

Returning to the Barre

I began dancing when I was three. I have vague memories of sitting in the backseat of the car captivated by my pink fairy like ensemble and dreaming of twirling and prancing around the studio. As time wore on I began to become disillusioned and found it hard to motivate myself. New passions pulled me in different directions and by the time I graduated High School I had stopped training. After a hiatus I realized that stifling my urges to dance could not be healthy. I began taking adult classes a few times a week and I soon recognized the longing that only more dance could satiate. I think it was the moment I landed a decent double pirouette. The focus, that feeling of every muscle engaging, the moment of freedom as you whip around before you manage to land as gracefully as possible, hopefully feet daintily, but firmly placed on the ground. I had become mesmerized by the intensity, beauty, creativity and power of ballet. Returning to dance has allowed me to recapture that sense of child like wonder and delight. Every class brings new challenges, realizations, defeats, triumphs, and places to be sore. Even on the days when I get discouraged, I am not on my leg, or just can’t seem to get things right I leave class with a smile. The cliché is true; those who try never regret. In these efforts are the true beauty of dance and the vitality of life. By: Hannah Dunlop