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The Nutracker children shine!

What an amazing Nutcracker year this has been! Alex Ossadnik and I started on September 12 in Las Vegas, teaching the children's parts to an entirely new group of kids. The Nevada Ballet Theatre will dance our production right after we finish in Boise. Then we went on to Billings, Montana, where we taught a completely different group of kids their parts in Nutcracker. They will be dancing with our company over the Thanksgiving weekend in Billings. Finally, we taught our own kids here in the Treasure Valley their Nutcracker parts. It was a huge difference from last year, when the production was brand new. Lots of our children were returning to Nutcracker, some even in their old parts. But it's nice to see kids dance a mouse one year, then a party child the next, then perhaps the Garland Dance. Watching their progress as they grow into ever-more difficult parts is one of the greatest rewards a teacher can have --- and our students from Ballet Idaho Academy are shining this year! One of the most gratifying things is to see Brenna Houk and Cristina Zimmerman, who will both be dancing Clara this year. They are wonderful students, serious, concentrated, passionate about their work and committed to improvement on every level. They have grown in our school over the years and, hopefully, will continue their remarkable stories. Sebastian Houk, Brenna's brother, is making his debut this year as Fritz. He is a terrific kid, a joy for the teachers and an inspiration to any young man who might think about dancing. Sebastian brings every ounce of his talent, work-ethic and good attitude to his studies. Nutcracker has always been, and should always be, about the children. We are proud of all the hard-working and dedicated student dancers who join us each year in making this Holiday event so memorable. Learning and performing a part in the Nutcracker, like studying dancing at Ballet Idaho Academy, provides a foundation for skills needed in life --- cooperation, dedication, hard work, meeting challenges and gaining confidence. I'd like to thank all the parents who have shown such positive goals for their children and with whom we will share the joy and pride of our upcoming performances of Nutcracker. [flickr-gallery mode="photoset" photoset="72157622796526929"]