Ballet News

A medley of music......filters into the halls.

It started in a conference room. Eleven dancers sitting around the table and one on the phone. It’s Monday, our day off. We haggle over casting and in about an hour we have 12 choreographers with cast lists and preliminary schedules in hand geared up to go to work. We thought we had this all under control. That is how work on Ballet Innovations was started. I soon found out it wasn’t as easy as we all hoped. My first inclination came that Tuesday. We are all set to start rehearsing and one of the dancers notices that she is scheduled to be in two places at once. All dancers try to conquer the impossible but that is one feat even we can’t manage. I quickly come up with a solution and go see Alex, our Balletmaster, to approve the change. This is when it hit me how demanding producing this show would be. Alex turns to me and in his very frank east German way he says, “Michael, why don’t I give you authority to make all schedules.” The ensuing two weeks became a whirlwind of scheduling, choreographing, rehearsing, costuming, light designing, and dancing. Our company of 23 is creating twelve ballets with most dancers performing in two or three. The work load is intense but everyone stepped up to the challenge. There has never been a more exciting time at Ballet Idaho. Dance is going on all day in four studios at once. A medley of music from different composers and different genres filters into the halls. The dances themselves are all very unique ranging from strictly classical technique to contemporary movements, from solos to duets to eight synchronized ladies. The arts are truly alive at the corner of 9th and Myrtle, and the creative spark is leap-frogging throughout the building. We are now less than a week away from our performances on May 1. Most of the choreography is done and all the dancers are getting anxious. There is a real joy in the building. We feel a sense of accomplishment. Twelve ballets in three weeks with little help from our staff. That sounds pretty great. Ballet Innovations will be presented at our in house theater inside the Esther Simplot Performing Arts Academy for two shows on Saturday May 1, at 2:00pm and 8:00pm. Tickets are only $10 and there will be refreshments after the eight o’clock show. We only have 200 seats for each show so buy your tickets now, and you won’t be disappointed. Michael Dennis Dunsmore Company Dancer