Ballet News

"Action Artists"

As Ballet Idaho dancers prepare for their showcase, Ballet Innovations, it is exciting to watch the process of growth and understanding of each dancer through their choreography. Dancers are, what I call "action artists." They express their creativity through every movement and muscle in their body. Each one has their own style and idea of feeling. I feel that choreographing is opening yourself, your creativity, your style and your raw emotions. It is the difference between talking and singing. Having studied art and music my entire young life, I found myself instantly comfortable when choreographing. I am partial to the classical ballet style, mostly because that movement works best with my body and, hence, I can make more sense of it when choreographing. My piece, Cercio, is set to the beautiful monotony of a cycle, but the power and force that erupts when it is broken. I am very excited to have the opportunity to set my vision on such a beautiful and talented group of dancers. It is a rare occurence for one to choreograph on a professional company, none the less, a valuable learning experience for any young dancer. Robert Ryan Callan Company Dancer