Adult Division


Ballet Idaho Academy (BIA) offers Adult Ballet Classes to the community. Students 13+ years who wish to begin or continue their ballet training are welcome to take part in our adult program. Experienced BIA Faculty members who teach passionately and are committed to quality adult training teach the classes in a stimulating, non-competitive atmosphere. As is standard with many adult ballet classes, exercises will follow a basic format in order to meet the variety of levels in any given class. The curriculum remains flexible and will be adjusted to meet the general class level. Students have the option to register by purchasing FLEX PASSES or through DROP-IN. You’ll find information on registration, pricing, and policies at the end of our Academy Registration section.


Beginning Adult Ballet Workshops is offered at select times throughout the year, these 8-week workshops introduce class format, breaking down ballet basics, barre exercises and center practice. Instructors will take the time to explain in detail and provide time for Q & A. The workshops are designed to prepare students for joining our regular adult class.


Adult Ballet 1 offers an introductory level of ballet training for the adult beginner in a non-competitive, relaxing atmosphere. Students with minimal experience would be very comfortable taking this course. The Instructor will introduce Barre and Centre practice with sufficient amounts of explanation and example. Focus will be on the development of proper alignment and placement while introducing the principles of turn-out, the underlying aesthetic of classical ballet. As students develop coordination, strength and flexibility, they will find this beneficial to their daily lives. It is a progressive course aimed to prepare students for our Adult Ballet 2 classes after a period of time. Students who have had some ballet in the past may feel comfortable advancing after just one session, while others may choose to repeat this session a few times to have a clear grasp of the basics.


Adult Ballet 2 offers an intermediate ballet class for adult students wishing to continue ballet training. This course is for students who have had at least two years of ballet training or who have taken our Adult Beginning Ballet session at least twice. Students with less experience are welcome to take the course; however, they should expect a slight learning curve. Adult Ballet 2 continues to develop proper alignment, placement, turn-out, flexibility and coordination. Vocabulary will also be extended.

Adult Beginning Tap is designed to introduce adults to tap dance, focusing on some of the basic rhythms and steps. The more experienced tapper will benefit as well by taking this class to brush up on technique and style in an engaging and fun atmosphere. Nathan Powell will have the class doing the time step, shuffle and flap together in no time! *This course is not offered each school year. Please check the current schedule or contact administration: [email protected]


Adult Contemporary is designed to introduce adults to contemporary dance, focusing on flow and principles of spinal curves and extensions as well as floor work. *This course is not offered each school year. Please check the current schedule or contact administration: [email protected]


Free class trials are available for all adult class offerings. Free Class Trial Cards are located in the studios and at the front desk. Please complete the student trial card and hand it to the instructor or to the office.

Adults are free to wear comfortable dance attire of their choice. Keep in mind, though, that the instructor needs to see body lines in order to make corrections. Leotards, tights, and skirts are suggested, but are not mandatory. Tighter-fitting yoga clothes are popular choices.

Gentlemen, dance belts should be worn with tights, leggings, jazz pants, or sweat pants. Proper dance shoes must be worn at all times. Appropriate dance shoes include flat ballet slippers, pointe shoes or jazz shoes. Street shoes should be taken off before entering the studios. All personal items can be taken into the studio and neatly stored along the side walls.

Generally, the majority of adult classes will be held during most holiday breaks. These holiday schedules will be announced and posted in the weeks leading up to the holiday closure. The holiday schedules are determined by current attendance and faculty schedules.

During the week, Ballet Idaho follows the inclement weather protocol dictated by Boise City Schools. If the district cancels academic classes for a particular day, Ballet Idaho classes will be canceled. All weather-related cancellations, including Saturday morning Adult Ballet, will be announced on Ballet Idaho’s Facebook page:

Any injuries occurring on Ballet Idaho property must be reported to the instructor and/or Front Desk Attendant immediately.

A proper warm-up is necessary in order to prevent injury. Students should be present for the warm-up exercises at the barre. Excessive tardiness also disrupts the class. Admittance to class for students arriving 10 minutes late will be at the discretion of the instructor.

Attendance will be taken each class. Make-ups are possible for the Limited Passes.

As Ballet Idaho Academy strives to build our Adult Division, we welcome your feedback. Please help spread the word about our adult program and invite a friend at any time to take a trial class! We look forward to adding classes in ballet and other genres as enrollment and interest dictate, so feel free to email us anytime: Academy Director Emily Wallace [email protected] or the Academy Administrator at [email protected] We are happy to discuss ideas, however, remember we that we are constrained by studio space, instructor availability, and the economics of low-attendance classes.