Children’s Division


Creative Movement (Ages 3-5) introduces pre-school children to the wonderful world of dance as they use their imaginations and explore expressive movement techniques. They’ll gain a deeper understanding of musicality and body awareness and improve movement skills and coordination in a nurturing and creative environment.

Pre-Ballet 1 & 2 (Ages 4-6) introduces young children to the joy of ballet through an introduction of basic ballet steps and vocabulary, including the classical positions of the arms and feet. French terminology associated with the learned ballet steps is also introduced. Through practice and repetition, movement skills, coordination, posture, flexibility and spatial awareness are all developed.

Children’s Sampler (Ages 4-7) introduces Ballet and Tap to youngsters, all within one class. Students will learn some of the basics of ballet as well as some basic tap steps and rhythms. Being introduced to these forms together can be fun as the tap portion provides an outlet for beginners to release stored energy. Tap and Ballet shoes will be required. *This course is not offered each semester. Please check the current schedule or contact the administrator: [email protected]