Extra-Curricular Classes


Youth Jazz (ages 8 – 12) begins with a conditioning warm-up and emphasizes strength, balance and extension through isolation techniques, rhythmic exercises, floor stretches, across the floor combinations. Improvisation is introduced through group and individual exercises, allowing students to delve into expression through movement.

Youth Hip Hop (ages 8 – 12) Come join in the fun by taking Hip Hop, a relaxed, freestyle form of street dance that is set in a fun and fast-paced environment. Class will start with a warm up, followed by exploration of different rhythms and moves from this highly energetic dance genre.

Youth Hip Hop 2 – Intermediate/Advanced – (Ages 11+) This class is a progression of our Hip Hop 1 class. Students will learn more complicated moves, rhythms and combinations which will make them twist, spin, bump and roll. Join in the fun and experience the latest dance moves of this high energy fast paced dance form.

Youth Ballet (ages 9 – 12) offers students ballet training without having to meet the rigorous schedule of the required Preparatory and Pre-Professional ballet classes. Students learn combinations that focus on the principles of placement, alignment and turnout. Emphasis is placed on development of coordination, flexibility, port de bras and musicality.

Youth Sampler (ages 8 – 12) engages students by providing a pallet of the alternative high energy dance forms of Hip Hop, Jazz and Contemporary, all within one class. Through comparison and contrast, students learn the similarities and differences inherent in each of the forms. This class is fun and it provides an outlet for releasing creativity and stored up energy.

Youth Contemporary (Modern) (ages 10 – 13) explores movement based in traditional Modern Dance technique. The class includes warm-up, stretching and core work. Students work with the qualities of suspension, swing, flow and percussion and will see how these qualities add dynamics to movement. It emphasizes students’ individual choices and expressions, helping to unlock new movement and sensations hidden within the body.