Ballet Idaho Academy scholarships are awarded to both new and continuing students levels 4 through 7 upon the basis of dance potential and financial need. Scholarships require an enormous commitment and exemplary behavior on the part of the student and adherence to all scholarship contract requirements. Current Ballet Idaho Academy students are also evaluated on prior classroom performance, attendance and behavior. Scholarship award decisions are made solely by the Ballet Idaho Academy staff.

Throughout the year the academy is involved in various events that add to the success of the academy. In order to increase our pool of volunteers for these events and as a component of the scholarship commitment, we request that parents of all scholarship students volunteer for 1 – 2 academy events in the academic year. One of these events must include our Academy Holiday Party or our Year-End Reception.

Scholarship Auditions are held each spring for the upcoming year. Please see the current Academy calendar for dates and contact the Academy Administrator for application information: (208)343-0556, X 232.

Financial Aid: Students may be considered for financial aid of up to 1/2 tuition. Please contact the Academy Administrator for application information: (208) 343-0556 × 232


Scholarship Recipients

Sydney Bautista                  Kameron Helmer

Chloe Paz                  Nikita Scott

      Alicia Sinche*                 Isabella Sullivan*

*John William Jackson Fund Scholarship Recipients

Academy Scholarships are Generously Sponsored by