Special Courses & Workshops


Adult Beginning Foundational Ballet

Our adult foundational session is generally offered 2-3 times per year (Fall, Spring, & Summer). Depending on when it is offered, it is a 6 or 9 week introductory course for the new adult student as well as for a practicing student wanting to brush up on the basics. Sessions are slow-paced, breaking down the fundamentals of ballet, barre, and center exercises with time for Q&A. Days & Times vary with each session so please contact Sada Ogburn for the current schedule and pricing. [email protected]

Choreography Workshop

Our choreography workshop introduces students to the art of making dances. Students experiment with basic techniques and tools for dance composition. The workshop runs as a laboratory, and delves into exploratory exercises with the dance elements of time, space and energy – and how these are manipulated using the human body as a medium for creation. Selected viewings and readings will be available to enhance student learning. With faculty guidance, students will create pieces. The workshop is usually offered in the spring semester and is suitable for students in level 5 and above. Dates and times vary with each workshop so please contact Emily Wallace for further details. [email protected]

Contact academy administrator Sada Popick Ogburn for questions: 208.343.0556 ext. 232 or [email protected]