Guild / Volunteer

We are pleased to announce the official organization of the Ballet Idaho Guild!

Ballet Idaho Guild provides an essential link between the community, Ballet Idaho Academy and professional company. Our mission is to stimulate interest in ballet and various forms of dance; to assist in dance education and performance and to increase audience attendance.

If you are a parent of an academy student, a friend, or just someone who loves dance, we would like to invite you to join Ballet Idaho Guild. As a member of Ballet Idaho Guild you will also have a unique opportunity to volunteer on various committees that are vital to the Ballet Idaho Company and Academy.For more information on volunteering or joining our Guild, please contact Linda Hackwell,

Members as of October 1, 2018
Julie Allyn
Amanda Galbraith Andrasko
Leslie Asin
Dalyn Atchison
Marrisa Ayala
Don & Mame Bair
Julia Bishop
Ellen Blackman
Mandy Boam
Laura Leigh Brewster
Heidi Burpee
Malia Cabiles
Alexis Cline
Anna Cox
Suzy Curley
Rosa Delores
Paris Gaudin-Dickerson
Taryn Duby
Rich Ellinger and Kelly Kingsford
Clarissa Cutler-Evans
Melissa Fife
Meg Forest
Isabella Fuentealba
Molly Fuentealba
Lorena Gautschi-Scott
Tina Gosselin and Kevin Werre
Tracy Gunter
Linda Hackwell
Anne Halford
Katie Hatten
Gretchen Hill
Julia Hilleary
Mary Hoffmeyer
Rosanna Honts
Sue Keller
Roberta Kerr
Terry Lee
Karyn Lloyd
Gail Lysne
Cassie McGonegle
Jami McGuire
Kate Morris
Melissa Murar
Denise Najman
Karel Najman
Bernadette Nyirabariyanga
Joy Olson
Alexandria Paz
Sada Popick
Laura Rasmussen
Julie Rauhut
Jessica Richards
Miranda Risinger
Jocelyn Robinson
Kelsey Schuur
Marleni Sinche
Laura Spiering
Stacey Strong
Anne Sullivan
Alicia Suski
Maria Tapias
Valerie Tucker
Annie Victory
Marjorie Wylie