Question and Answer with Danielle Troyano

How did you get started in dance?

My older sister Kristen was a dancer, and I was always hanging around the studio watching and waiting for her to finish. I always had a ton of energy; I could not sit still for more than a second at a time! My mom decided to put me in ballet classes too, so that I wouldn’t be bored. Ballet class seemed to be the only place where I could focus my mind. I loved it from the start, and I couldn’t be more grateful for my mom signing me up for my very first class.

What role that you have danced is your favorite?

I’d have to say that my favorite role thus far has been Sugarplum Fairy in The Nutcracker. This past winter I guested with the Albany Berkshire Ballet for two months. We went on tour and did 20 performances of The Nutcracker under the direction of Madeline Culpo. I got to see over six different cities while performing for incredible audiences around New England. The grand pas de deux is one of the most difficult things I have ever danced, but after rehearsing endlessly and getting my stamina prepared, I’ve never experienced a greater feeling of accomplishment. Having little girls and aspiring ballerinas come up to me as I was the Sugarplum Fairy was an indescribable feeling. I will always hold my experience with Albany Berkshire Ballet so close to my heart!

What ballets are you most looking forward to performing this upcoming season at Ballet Idaho?

Our whole season lineup is incredible! Obviously The Nutcracker will always be a favorite of mine. I’m excited to learn and perform a different version! Twyla Tharp’s Nine Sinatra Songs is also something I have always dreamt of doing. It is a beautiful classic and I have always thought that it looked like so much fun to dance. I’m also looking forward to Sleeping Beauty choreographed by Mr. Anastos. I have never performed this ballet before, and I know it will be a great learning experience.

What do you enjoying doing in your free time?

I am definitely a person of high energy, so relaxing is sometimes the most difficult task for me. When I can find some free time I’m still usually always moving! I love being outside and going to the beach. One of the hard things about being a dancer is having to be far from home. In my free time I try to talk on the phone and Skype with my family and friends from back home. I miss them so much!

Any particular places or things of interest that you are looking forward to visiting while in Boise?

I know that Boise may be an adjustment, but I’m excited to see what this change brings. I was born and raised in New York and lived in New York City for three years, and I’m currently living in Chicago. Aside from my one year in Montgomery, Alabama, I’m more used to a big city setting. I’m really looking forward to the change of pace, and to be able to experience a new way of living. When I flew to Boise back in February to audition for Ballet Idaho I really did think Boise was a charming city. I am excited to get to know it better, but mostly the thing I am really excited for is to begin work as a dancer for Ballet Idaho! The view of the mountains outside my window doesn’t sound too bad either.