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Returning to the Barre

I began dancing when I was three. I have vague memories of sitting in the backseat of the car captivated by my pink fairy like ensemble and dreaming of twirling and prancing around the studio. As time wore on I began to become disillusioned and found it hard to motivate myself. New passions pulled me in different directions and by the time I graduated High School I had stopped training. After a hiatus I realized that stifling my urges to dance could not be healthy. I began taking adult classes a few times a week and I soon recognized the longing that only more dance could satiate. I think it was the moment I landed a decent double pirouette. The focus, that feeling of every muscle engaging, the moment of freedom as you whip around before you manage to land as gracefully as possible, hopefully feet daintily, but firmly placed on the ground. I had become mesmerized by the intensity, beauty, creativity and power of ballet. Returning to dance has allowed me to recapture that sense of child like wonder and delight. Every class brings new challenges, realizations, defeats, triumphs, and places to be sore. Even on the days when I get discouraged, I am not on my leg, or just can’t seem to get things right I leave class with a smile. The cliché is true; those who try never regret. In these efforts are the true beauty of dance and the vitality of life. By: Hannah Dunlop

Halloween Costume Party Thank You!

A HUGE thank you goes to the numerous volunteers, staff, donors and participants of the first-annual Halloween Costume Party held Saturday, October 24th at the Esther Simplot Performing Arts Academy. A dedicated team of volunteers spent many days collecting and assembling decorations, carving pumpkins and preparing treats to make the Ballet Idaho offices SPOOKY and FUN! Ballet villains walked amongst the crowd and the participants paraded in costumes for prizes during the costume parade. A special thank you goes out to the Parent Guild, Michelle Meyers, Patricia Dunlop, Julie Houk, Caren DeAngelis, Maria Zarco, Theresa Rodie, Monica Fabbi, Tom Tompkins, Erik Meyers & Dennis Dunlop for helping organize this event. CONGRATULATIONS to our winners in best costume, scariest costume and the most original costume! Finally, THANK YOU to the 2009 Halloween Costume Party sponsors Michelle & Erik Meyers! [flickr-gallery mode="photoset" photoset="72157622796974348"]

Who Says Brothers & Sisters Can't Get Along?

Ballet Idaho Academy Students and Performers in The Nutcracker Ballet Idaho: Who are you and how old are you? Brenna: My name is Brenna Houk and I am 11 ½. Sebastian: My name is Sebastian Houk and I am 10. Ballet Idaho: Tell me something interesting about you: Brenna: I was the only 5th grade girl from my school to make it to the 2009 Boise Elementary City Track Meet, spring 2009 – where I ran the 800 meter race; I also play the flute; love food (especially ice cream and sushi); love doing art; and am a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Sebastian: At age 7, Sebastian summited Idaho’s highest mountain, Borah Peak (12,662 ft.) with his Dad; he is learning to play the trumpet; he runs and cycles; loves ice cream and pizza; and is a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Ballet Idaho: When did you start dancing? Brenna: I started dance classes at age 3 at Methods of Movement in Mountain Home, ID. Sebastian: This is Sebastian's third year of ballet training. He started at BI in the fall of 2007. Brenna invited Sebastian to her class during "Bring a Friend Week." Ballet Idaho: Have you ever performed in the Nutcracker before? Where? Brenna: I performed previously in Ballet Idaho's The Nutcracker. Sebastian: I performed in The Nutcracker last year with BI (The NEW Nutcracker). Ballet Idaho: Tell us about your experience at the Audition Brenna: The audition was easy. It was a lot like last year, so I knew what to expect. Sebastian: Auditions were great. They were easy and very different from last year. Ballet Idaho: How are rehearsals going? Brenna: Some kids are getting the choreography really well. Rehearsals are going well. Since I'm Clara, it puts some pressure on me since that is one of the main roles and everyone expects you to pick it up. Overall, it is going well in both Clara and Bakers. Sebastian: Some kids are getting the choreography really well. Ballet Idaho: How do you feel about being real-life brother and sister and on stage brother & sister?Brenna: Well, it's cool, because he gets in trouble more in The Nutcracker, and we don't have to pretend we are related. Also, I don't know any other siblings that are real life brother and sister who are pretending to be brother and sister in the Nutcracker, and we both do ballet in the same ballet class. Sebastian: I think it’s really awesome that we are brother and sister in real life and in The Nutcracker. [flickr-gallery mode="photoset" photoset="72157622673019781"]
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