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Ballet Idaho has a great Academy!

Ballet Idaho has a great Academy! So many of our students are traveling to prestigious schools this summer it's a sure sign we're on the right track. David Wilcox from Long Beach Ballet came to audition for his summer course in January. Part of that program is a 3-week trip to China and he invited several of our students to join. Kirsten Jensen, Nell Rollins and Marina Russo will be taking part. Julie Dunlop is another story: She was chosen by both David Wilcox AND Jillana for summer intensive but chose, after much thought and parental input, to go to Jillana's School in Taos, NM. Jillana is an extraordinary person. She was one of the stars of New York City Ballet in the 1950s and 60s and a favorite of George Balanchine. She premiered several of his most important ballets and, looking at pictures and film of her dancing, she was surely one of the most beautiful dancers he ever had! Studying with this amazing woman is a direct link to Mr. Balanchine's technique and his style. There is hardly another opportunity so rich in the ballet world today. When Jillana was here for her auditions in February, she made a special point to tell me how good our students are here at Ballet Idaho Academy. She was very flattering, which of course is a reflection on our students' hard work and discipline. She chose several to attend her summer intensive: MaryAnn and Sarah Meyers, Julia Dunlop, Cristina Zimmerman and DJ Massingale will be attending this summer. We're all eager to hear about their experiences in Taos when they come back to Boise later this summer! Meanwhile, Youth Ensemble members Sara and Marianne Meyers, Julia Dunlop, Nell Rollins and Cristina Zimmerman will have the added experience of attending the Regional Dance America Festival in Richland, WA, this May. This is an incredible program, including over 500 students from ballet schools and pre-professional companies all over the Western states. Teachers from several different countries will be giving ballet classes, there will be seminars on career opportunities, mime classes, folkdance classes and lots of information being shared. This is a great opportunity for our students to see their colleagues and peers from other places and bond with them on what makes dancing and training so important and special. Our Ballet Idaho Youth Ensemble will be observing this year --- it is too early for us to perform at the prestigious Festival ---- but we can count this as our debut there and will look forward to being a performing company in years to come. Sarah Ellis, one of our company dancers, will be joining us. She'll attend classes and seminars and be drafted as a chaperone! Congratulations to all our fantastic students and Kudos on achieving these benchmarks in their progress with Ballet Idaho Academy.
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