Adrienne Swain Smith

Ballet Idaho Board of Directors


Adrienne graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from The University of Nevada, Reno and worked with U.S. Senator Orrin G. Hatch for 8 years with the last year running his charitable foundation serving women and children. It was that experience when she realized that her life’s work would be focused more in the development of charitable causes.  She was motivated by collaboration and bringing people together to solve problems that she started raising money for organizations with missions and goals close to her heart. As a result, she created and is currently serving as President of Mission Critical Events, Inc., a cause-oriented fundraising, marketing and communications consulting agency serving nonprofits, associations and businesses.

Why did you join the Ballet Idaho family?

My mother was a professional ballerina, so I was fortunate to have grown up appreciating the grace, elegance and hard work that dancers invest in their art. I witnessed that dedication again as our daughter danced with the Ballet Idaho Academy for 15 years. For me, the ballet is more than an art or discipline. As a Ballet Idaho board member, it’s about celebrating strong relationships with our patrons, professional staff and talented dancers because we all become like family.

If we were to dance to any song, which one would you choose?

Movement by Hozier