Lauren Noonan

Ballet Idaho Board of Directors


Lauren received her Bachelor of Arts degree from a small college in Minnesota and earned her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Minnesota. She is residency trained in cardiology pharmacy and practiced inpatient care at the University of New Mexico and University of Utah. Although her career was science and patient-centered, she grew up playing the alto saxophone through high school, enjoying jazz and classical music. She believes that the arts enhance our understanding of the world and can bring different people together, teaching us more about one another. She has been a part of the Idaho Women’s Charitable Foundation and her family has been active in Ballet Idaho and Make-a-Wish Idaho for a number of years.

Why did you join the Ballet Idaho family?

I have spent at least one day a week at Ballet Idaho for the past five years as my daughter participated in the Academy. I loved watching her passion for ballet grow over the years and in that time learned more about ballet, have gotten to know dancers and have watched the company grow. I believe that our talented company offers the Boise community a place to not only experience art, but learn more about society and one another. I am passionate about introducing children to the arts, allowing them to enhance their own creativity and learn life lessons. I appreciate that our company and the academy operate closely, giving our young dancers role models to look up to and look forward to sharing my perspective as an Academy parent.

If we were to dance to any song, which one would you choose?

The Harry Potter Theme!