Wes Jost

Ballet Idaho Board of Directors

Commercial Real Estate/Zions Bank/Senior Vice President

Please describe your education and career history, highlighting any philanthropic, artistic, or nonprofit work.
My professional career is rooted in credit and finance, within the banking industry (25+ years).  I take pride in giving back to non-profit organizations to strengthen them and see them prosper.  My professional and philanthropic experience spans big city environs (Chicago, San Francisco) to smaller areas such as Boise, exposing me to multiple cultures and backgrounds.

Why did you join the Ballet Idaho family?
Ballet is a very powerful and graceful art that requires both mental and physical strength.  In my oldest daughter being in ballet from a very early age, I saw how impactful ballet can be to someone and how is shapes them and their interactions with others and the community.  My daughter’s experience drew me to want to become more involved in Ballet Idaho.

If we were to dance to any song, which one would you choose?
“A Kiss To Build a Dream On” by Louis Armstrong.  I like the tempo and messaging of the song and could see a great pas de deux to compliment it.  I also see two of the company duos slaying it on stage.