A huge smile crept across my face and I am ever so slightly embarrassed to say a small tear appeared in my eye as I saw the parents join their budding ballerinas on stage for the finale of the end of camp performance. As they leapt into their parents arms or twirled around, smiles across their faces, I realized the true value of this experience. Each girl had blossomed in front of me, from maybe shy, withdrawn, or slightly rebellious to more confident, approachable, and good-natured. Watching them discover the wondrous ways our bodies can move. The twinkles in their eyes when they Grande Jete over Mr. Alligator or learn how to Port de bras their arms and while doing a tondue showed me not only the joy of dance and ballet, but of learning. The basic joy of experiencing something new, of figuring it out, trying and failing and trying and succeeding is one of greatest things we can experience. It is such a rewarding feeling at the end of the day, even when I am tired and my feet are sore, to know that I am helping them to experience and appreciate dance, something that has given me such joy. It has also given me a new perspective; I am better able to find the joy, beauty, and simplicity in what I am doing. It is a marvelous thing to be able to look at world with that child like wonder and open my mind to the beauty around me.
Hannah Dunlop, Instructor with Ballet Idaho Summer Dance Camps