Principal Dancer, Phyllis Rothwell Affrunti shares some wisdom about buying a new house! Read all about it….
You know that someone is from the south when they have a Miss Manners edict book that actually has ear marked pages. Mine is sitting within easy reach, by my dining room table. Why am I talking about this book that has some fabulously ridiculous rules in it, such as the proper way to eat long neck clams, and whether you should call someone out if they are stuffing dessert in their purse at the White House? This book also has a list of appropriate gifts for anniversaries, i.e. year 1 = paper, year 2 = cotton…year 10 = tin/aluminum. (So romantic). So when Frank’s and my 5-year anniversary came along this summer, who knew that, our gift of wood would be a house! Yes, my first home.

As a dancer, this is not the norm. We can travel from city to city in our careers always trying to find the perfect fit. I myself have moved 16 times in my career with only 3 of them being in the last 7 years. It is not just moving cities, it is moving apartments, when you loose a roomie, or a more affordable place comes along. I became talented at calling home anywhere my pillow was, including the lovely Downtown Motel in Eugene.
So I can talk forever on everything that happened to us in the purchase our home and everything that we are planning on tackling, but I though I would give some words of wisdom to potential new buyers. Here are a few things that I have learned this summer.

1. There is no greater oxymoron than the term “Short Sale”.
2. Just because you have an automatic garage door does not mean it opens automatically.
3. No matter what, the directions on how to put your toilet back together are right. Never deviate.
4. When something states, “some assembly required”, it means call three of your most patient friends. You will need them.
5. Duct tape still fixes everything. (Except that toilet that you didn’t follow the directions on)
6. A garbage disposal is way pickier than your trash can.
7. Even though a paintbrush says “for oil paint”. If you use it for oil paint you will have to throw it away.
8. Always check the mirror before you leave. A facemask might help dust stay away from your face, but if you are spray painting, the inside of your nose will be a color sample.
9. No matter how much you check your recycling schedule you will always be wrong.
10. Dandelions and goats heads are the state flowers.
11. Just because your stud finder says there is a stud, don’t hang a twenty-pound mirror without a mattress to catch it.
12. Not all shovels are created equally.
13. The ladder that you have is never tall enough.
14. I can find my baby rattle, but I can’t find my ironing board.
15. There are doorstops on your baseboards for a reason. If you have to take them off, put them back on ASAP.
16. The rumors are true. Dark wood shows EVERYTHING!
17. I LOVE MY HOUSE!!!!!!
Phyllis Rothwell Affrunti,
Principal Dancer
Ballet Idaho