I think every dancer has a love/hate relationship with the long summer layoff. What’s great is that you can do all those things you’ve been putting off when rehearsals and shows were the priority. What’s sad is that I really miss the excitement and discipline of dancing everyday for my job; to wake up each morning with a specific goal ahead. So this year, I resolved to keep busy and find some great ways to still feel close to ballet… lots and lots of teaching!
I was honored to be asked to teach at the Regional Dance America Festival 2010 in Washington. I taught pantomime (the art of using gestures to tell a story) to about 300 students. Since I saw each class of 20-30 students only once, I gave the same lesson plan 13 times! I have to admit by the end of the weekend I was having a total groundhog day experience! But I think everyone really enjoyed the class and one student interviewed me for an essay she was writing on women in dance. Our students from Ballet Idaho did great and got to see students their own age from all over the pacific northwest. The faculty was great and I got to meet some new friends as well as reconnect with some old ones. I even got to hear a lecture given by our own Peter Anastos!
Next it was back to Boise where I picked up my schedule as a pilates instructor for Forte Pilates. It is an amazing studio and I really enjoy my coworkers and clients. My favorite part about teaching pilates is that I am constantly learning about the body, how it works, and getting it to work efficiently. It is incredibly helpful to my own body as a dancer and I am thankful to have a second job that goes hand in hand so well with ballet.
In June we held the Ballet Idaho Summer Intensive which was great fun and then it was time to return to Washington for the Tri-Cities Academy of Ballet’s Intensive. There I worked with students ages 8-18 in ballet, pointe, repertoire, pantomime, and pilates. They even offered the kids a “Glee” class which I was dying to try out myself! A really special moment for me was working with the advanced girls on the mad scene from Giselle. If I can inspire even one person to find the actress within themselves I have accomplished my goal! Between classes I even managed to do some boating on the Columbia River! It was really beautiful. Thanks to Debra Rogo and Tri-Cities for a wonderful time!
Going into August I am planning to enjoy Boise and the gorgeous weather, teaching and getting in shape for September 16th! I can hardly wait!
Racheal Nole,
Ballet Idaho Principal Dancer