I auditioned for the Jillana School of ballet on February 14 when Jillana came to Boise and was accepted. The Jillana School is in Taos, New Mexico in the ski valley. It was so beautiful and surrounded by mountains. We lived in condos during our stay and mine was called the Powderhorn. Some condos had up to eight girls to a room, but I was lucky to room with only four. There were three teachers, Jillana, Wendy, and Sara and I liked them all, but I personally liked Jillana the best. There were also counselors that checked us in at every class and every meal, they also checked to make sure we were all there in bed by bed check, which was at nine-thirty. Sometimes they took class with us too:).
Mornings started early and we got up before six o’clock and got ready for breakfast that started at seven. After we ate, we would go to stretch class to warm up our muscles for about twenty minutes. After stretch we had technique class (which is like a regular ballet class) until lunch time. After lunch we had Modern, Point, and Pilates; each for about an hour. At five-thirty we had dinner, and then we had one to two hours of rehearsal until 8:30 p.m…
During the four weeks we worked on all kinds of ballet technique, Pilates, and modern. In Pilates we worked on our stomach muscles a lot. It was hard work and my stomach hurt afterward. In modern we didn’t do a class, we just worked on our dance for the performance. The pointe class was probably the hardest for me. We did lots of center and coming from the corner. Jillana also gave me the solo of the canary fairy from Sleeping Beauty. It was hard at first but then I got the hang of it and it felt so easy. There were eighty-seven girls and only six got solos! At the performance when my solo came up I was nervous, but it was so fun. I was proud of myself and so was my mom. I look forward to going back to the Jillana School.
DJ Massingale,
Ballet Idaho Academy Student
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