So Your Child Wants to Perform, By Amy Pence-Brown Print
Encourage Their Interests with Auditioning Tips and Opportunities
Is there anything cuter than watching your wee ones twirl and leap on stage so proudly (or sometimes so shyly) in their pink tights or black bow ties? When my Lucy took her first ballet classes at Pat Harris School of Dance in Boise, a tiny and timid 3-year-old at the time, we struggled with performance anxiety. By the time her recital came eight months later, we bought roses from the vendor at Kuna High School for our brave dancer with glitter in her hair and a sparkle in her eyes. She had memorized her routine and performed it in front of the largest audience of her life.
As our kids grow and become more interested in the performing arts, be it dancing, singing, or acting, we as parents learn right along with them—especially if our little performers want to audition for more intensive stage performances that are bigger than the traditional end-of-year dance recital. Luckily, some local companies offer great information for parents of performers-to-be and some tips.
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