Alanna Love

Ballet Idaho Marketing Director



An unabashed book nerd, Alanna will normally be found carrying way too many volumes in an overstuffed bag as she drinks her second (third? fourth?) cup of coffee of the day. With a background in marketing for local businesses and nonprofits, Alanna started working as the Marketing Assistant for Ballet Idaho in 2017.  After being promoted to the position of Marketing Director in 2019, she continues to throw herself even more into her ever deepening love for ballet and the stories it tells.

Why did you join the Ballet Idaho family?

Dance is a precious form of expression that transcends all the inherent limitations of language. Without speaking a single word a ballet can take an unflinching look at the shadows of this world as well as provide a spark of beauty to dispel the gloom.  Being a part of a family that spins these moments of lightness from nothing and then shares it with our community is a joy that I am thankful for each day.

If we were to dance to any song, which one would you choose?

Knee Play 5 – Einstein on the Beach by Philip Glass 1979 Original

The complex layering of sound and the intertwining of strange chants makes for a song begging to be coupled with movement. The unique characters and patterns that could be explored to then culminate in a pas de deux during the “two lovers sat on a park bench” segment would be absolutely breathtaking.