Richard Mussler-Wright

Ballet Idaho Development Director


Richard is honored to work for Ballet Idaho, supporting their mission to enrich lives through dance. He grew up here and graduated from Boise State University. He’s directed an after school technology center, developed a school curriculum using LEGO, worked with many nonprofits at the Idaho Nonprofit Center and the Idaho Botanical Garden! Richard has volunteered for the Idaho Chess Association, Story Story Night, and with the Boise Bicycle Project. Outside the office, you can find him riding bicycles with his family around town.

Why did you join the Ballet Idaho family?

Ballet is a deeply powerful way to connect, educate, and engage us in something larger than ourselves. I’ve experienced the transformative power of dance, and I am in awe of the beauty of ballet.

If we were to dance to any song, which one would you choose?

Penguin Cafe Orchestra’s Perpetuum Mobile. It’s silly, but it is a moving piece and I always cry when I listen to it.