Tabby Galinski

Ballet Idaho Finance Director



Tabby majored in Business Management at Southern Utah University, where she then moved to Key West Florida to manage a small business. Tabby moved around the East Coast doing a couple different accounting/management internships and found her love for working with numbers! When she moved to Boise, Tabby became a construction/real estate accountant where she acquired most of her experience in finance management. After leaving the office world to travel as a flight attendant, Tabby is excited to be back and working at Ballet Idaho as the Finance Director.

What do you believe about ballet? Or why were you drawn to be part of Ballet Idaho?

I think Ballet is beautiful! It’s amazing what the dancers can do with their bodies, and make it look so easy and peaceful. It requires a lot of hard work, and that’s what I admire most- when they are able to share all their hard work with others.