Subscriber FAQ

FAQ’s for a Digital Season


If we purchase a digital subscription, are we able to access the programs whenever we wish to, or are we having to do it within a short period of time?

One perk of being a digital season subscriber is that you will have access to each of the films from their premiere to the end of the season. If however you opt to rent individual films instead of subscribing, you will only have 72 hours from the moment of purchase to watch the performance.


If the situation regarding the current health crisis improves, will Ballet Idaho return to the physical theater during the 20.21 performing season?

If the situation does improve that drastically, we would love to at least explore the option of returning to the theater. If this does occur our digital season subscribers would have first access to tickets for a physical theater experience. However, instead of spending time on the maybes of the future, we are choosing to invest our time and attention into creating the best digital season experience possible. Protecting the health of our dancers, staff, and patrons is our top priority and we will not return to the theater until we are confident that we can do it safely.


What steps is Ballet Idaho taking to protect the health of their dancers?

Our dancers are our family, so finding a way to best protect them was our highest priority. As a result Ballet Idaho dancers will be training and rehearsing under strict protocols including a pod structure, self-quarantining, social distancing, personal protective equipment, and more. These protocols have been developed to follow guidelines set by the CDC. In addition, information from Dance USA, Ballet Idaho health partner Spark MD, and guidelines used by Royal New Zealand Ballet in their successful return to work process were referenced.

Ballet Idaho’s Covid-19 protocols mirror the stages of the Idaho Rebounds plan while also referring to the recommendations and requirements of the city of Boise and Central District Health. Ballet Idaho will follow appropriate protocols for each stage or will opt for an even higher level of caution if deemed necessary.

Additionally, Ballet Idaho dancers have been provided options for various levels of participation throughout the 20.21 season. We support each dancer in their decisions and comfort levels as we navigate an unprecedented global health crisis together. These policies have been developed by Ballet Idaho administrative staff and included regular conversations and input from Ballet Idaho dancers.

As a community we are committed to valuing the voice and protecting the health of each person. This solidarity is what will propel us to create beauty out of the unexpected and empower us to one day return to the theater stronger than ever.



Can you foresee a hybrid model going forward so that the audience may participate on a virtual stream if they cannot attend an in-person performance?

This is an idea that we are absolutely thrilled about exploring! If we can continue to share our art with patrons not just locally but across the country, even after we have returned to the physical theater, we would be furthering our mission on a scale larger than ever before. If this would interest you, please let us know so we can continue to look into what such a hybrid model could look like.


Are you offering a digital full-length version of The Nutcracker?


Sadly we are unable to stage a full length version of The Nutcracker this season.  The scale of the production, from the crew moving scenery to the number of young children in the first act, made it impossible for us to proceed while also protecting the health of all those involved. However, we still plan to share holiday magic with you! We will take you behind the scenes of the creation of our Nutcracker production, have fireside chats with dancers about their favorite Nutcracker memories, restage select moments from the ballet to bring to your screen, as well unveil the world premier of a new holiday ballet by Anne Mueller featuring original holiday music created and performed by Idaho artists for the Idaho Ho Ho albums.


What do I need to watch the digital season?

All you need is a comfy chair, strong Wi-Fi, and one of the following devices so you can access the season on your favorite platform:

  • Computer with web access
  • iOS
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Fire
  • Roku
  • Android
  • Android TV
  • Chromecast

Find out more about the various platform options here.


 What if I need help with the technology aspect of this season?

We are here to help! The platform who will be hosting us will provide some technical support, and we will personally be available to help you get everything set up ahead of time and learn how to access the performances smoothly. Just as we felt honored to host your experience in the theater, we are honored to do what it takes to create the best possible digital experience for you.


What will happen to my subscriber seats?

No seats are being distributed at all this season and are on hold until we return to the theater.


Can I purchase access to single movements instead of buying a season subscription?

Yes.  Access to individual world premieres, excluding “Set the Stage” content and other subscriber benefits can be purchase for $15 per movement and will be available for 72 hours.

*Ballet Idaho is not able to pro-rate the cost of a single show towards the cost of a full, season subscription.