The first week at the intensive was just sort of adjusting to new classes, teachers, and habits. You take a placement class that’s just like the audition, so anyone who’s interested in coming here can just relax and take a technique class, like it’s no big deal (but of course look your best!) The first week is a little hard because of how much dancing you do! Considering I hadn’t danced in about a month I was very sore, but by the second week I wasn’t even getting out of breath in combinations that had killed me in the first week! This third week now is good, it goes by so fast! With technique in the morning, then usaually a break, lunch, then pointe (hard!) then pilates and modern it’s a full day with sometimes rehearsal at the end. (plus dinner, I forgot that)
Some of my favorite things are probably the activities on the weekend, and dancing! You can go horsebackriding, rafting, go to Taos the town, and ride the chairlift to the top of a mountian with a really pretty view!
I’ve learned a lot from being here, tons of new Balanchine technique things, and variations. What are the hardest things… everything? Just kidding…the first week was really hard because the altitude just slowed you down and made you so tired! I still remember the first grande batma combination, (the kicks, french is so hard!) it was four in each direction and then turn around and do it again on releve! I was dying! But now when we do that sort of combination I’m perfectly fine!
Spare time is used for nothing but resting, some soaking and icing, and also watching tons of movies with my roomates who are really fun. Yeah, I’m rooming with girls from North Dakota, Minnesota, and Kansas! Lots of girls in level 4 are from Texas, and I’ve met girls from as far as Florida and South Carolina.
Jillana is just amazing and really a different person-she loves the color purple and wears it all the time! She has gone from an intimidating, prima ballerina, to a caring teacher who just wants her students to get better! She really cares about us, even when she gives us impossible combinations. I think I might, if chosen and given the chance, come back. I know what it’s like and what to prepare for and I feel like I’m improving so much! I would recommend this to anyone who just wanted to improve their dancing and learn what it’s like to be on your own for a bit!
Sara Meyers,
Ballet Idaho Academy Student