I was curious to find out what our dancers were doing this summer. I found Company Principal, Jared Hunt, in San Francisco dancing with a new company called Post:Ballet. Here’s a word from Jared:
There is an African Proverb that states “When the music changes, so does the dance.” Well, in my case, when the city changes, so does the dance.
This summer I have had the wonderful opportunity of dancing for an old friend of mine, Robert Dekkers, who I met as a ballet student in the Boston Ballet School. Now he lives in San Francisco and is trying to start a dance company of his own. He brought several of his very talented friends from all over the country to perform in his inaugural season and I was flattered that I was involved. He is an amazing choreographer and I really enjoy his work! It’s very athletic and is as contemporary as it gets. It was really wonderful expressing myself through this very different type of movement. I love classical ballet and the aesthetic it offers, but I also love to challenge myself, mentally and physically, by exploring other types of dance.
The new company is called Post:Ballet and we performed at the Cowell Theatre in the Fort Mason Center. It was an amazing facility with an amazing view. The stage door was literally inches away from the bay and had a panoramic view of the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and the beautiful rolling fog. We also rehearsed in some of the great dance studios in San Francisco. Over the past month I have fallen in love with the “city by the bay,” but I truly left my heart in Boise and I can’t wait to return for the upcoming Ballet Idaho season! That’s the beauty of travel… you leave home and enjoy every minute of it, but it sure is nice to come back!
-Jared Hunt
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