Trainee Program


Trainee Program Description

Ballet Idaho’s Trainee Program employs a holistic approach in training dancers towards professional careers. Focusing on addressing the training deficiencies often present in conservatory style programs, the Trainee Program supplements students’ academy coursework with private or semi-private studio instruction, participation in Ballet Idaho’s company class, company observation and shadowing, personal coaching and mentoring, and performance opportunities with both the academy and professional company.



Trainees take morning class several times weekly, including Ballet Idaho’s company class, private or semi-private sessions with academy faculty, and contemporary technique class. The middle portion of the day is spent shadowing company rehearsals and preparing for trainee-specific performances and outreach opportunities. Trainees join classwork with the upper level of the Ballet Idaho Academy in the afternoons and evenings.

Additionally, the staff and faculty offer guidance in job searches and audition planning towards professional pathways, as well as in efforts to pursue post-secondary dance education.



Trainees have the opportunity to work with company choreographers and receive their mentorship as they explore the choreographic process. Being a part of the choreographic process is something that all pre-professionals need and an experience they are rarely afforded.


Performance Opportunities

Trainees are featured in the Youth Repertory Ensemble’s annual performance, the end of year academy performance, and in the academy’s choreographic workshop. Additionally, trainees are used for corps de ballet work in the Nutcracker and potentially in the spring program. On a case by case basis, trainees may also learn company roles in mixed repertory programs.


Unique Benefits

• Provides a bridge that often doesn’t exist between academy and company experience.

• Personalized mentorship

• Support for a diverse spectrum of career goals


Tuition and Scholarships

The trainee program is a tuition based program, though both partial and full scholarships are available on the basis of merit and need.


How to Audition

Dancers interested in auditioning for the 2021/22 season should send or email a current resume and video between February and June 2021.

Ballet Idaho auditions dancers only after viewing video reels. WOMEN: 5 minutes of classwork on pointe, one classical variation or repertory selection, one contemporary variation or repertory selection, partnering work if available. MEN: 5 minutes of classwork including tour en l’air, one classical variation or repertory selection, one contemporary variation or repertory selection, partnering work.


Please address all audition inquiries to [email protected].  Please use the subject line “Trainee Program Audition.”


Application Deadline – June 1, 2021
Program Commitment Deadline – July 1, 2021